JUST another platformer

Lets just hope my game is better made than this landing page. Haha, Im a HTML Programmer!

Click here to play the latest version

Hint: Click the Green Icon to start, click the Snek once if you play on mobile.

Controls: WASD/Arrows or Buttons if you have a Purple Snake. R for Restart.

Screenshots (v0.3.3)


v0.4 - A new level v0.3.4 - The aesthetic update II

My Score on first try: 1m14s

v0.3.3 - The aesthetic update


-Fixed jumping
-Final Page Image decreased from 4MB to less than 1

-Added Button Mode
-Added Arrow Steering for the poor Baguettes
-Added a Stopwatch
-The graph now "pops up"
-Its shit on mobile, you cant move and jump at the same time yet... Tbh I would rather release a mobile app than maintain the web version for both

-First level was expanded a little
-Less Placeholder Art
-Repositioned a few blocks
Known Issue: Starting Screen Snek is bugged - FIXED, was caused by cloudflare.

-First game build, theres intro, level 1 and end screen.
-Some placeholder art

Special Thanks to

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